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Event planning news - hui tong school shenzhen campus construction completion ceremony

Release Time:2019-06-21

On June 21, the completion and delivery ceremony of the main building of huitong university's shenzhen campus (namely "China merchants qianhai economic and trade center phase iii") was organized by shenzhen wanhui cultural communication co., LTD. The whole planning and implementation of the event was held in huitong university in qianhai, marking the official completion of the campus building of huitong university in shenzhen.

Chairman and CEO Chris Whittle, vice chairman and President Ian Thomas, vice chairman and global President Nick Dirks, and all members of the shenzhen campus preparatory team were there to celebrate. Hu yong, general manager of shenzhen qianhai shekou free trade investment and development co., LTD., Lin hong, director, nie liming, deputy general manager and shenzhen regional general manager of China merchants shekou and other relevant leaders also attended the ceremony.

Mr. David weichli, President and CEO of huitong university, said, "shenzhen campus and Washington campus were among the first two campuses in huitong's global campus network. Now that the building is completed, it is expected that huitong will open its doors to welcome the new students. We will strive to realize our educational ideal and cultivate the next generation of leading talents rooted in China and familiar with the world for shenzhen, China and the world."

Bring together with the school's global chief operating officer Joe Miriam (Joe Keeney), global student recruitment and marketing communications Li Jing, global construction general manager, general manager of Ray Bordwell, global exchange project principal Li Yin, vice President of business development in China Lin Haisheng chief operating officer, shenzhen campus Hou Yi (Patrick Hoey) on behalf of the group to the construction unit of the college presented a thank-you note.

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders attending the ceremony jointly promoted the launch of the putter, and a picture scroll with the words "gathering east and west, world harmony" was slowly unfolded, and the atmosphere reached a climax.

Finally, congratulations on the successful completion of the event. Wanhui has won the trust and favor of hundreds of high-end brand customers by relying on high-quality supplier resources and excellent talents, planning, unique creative design, mature implementation, professional attitude and excellent service.

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