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Press conference planning news - shenzhen huazhang brand new upgrade "hongqiao education" from the heart, the bridge to hui

Release Time:2019-06-24

On June 23, shenzhen huazhang 17th anniversary celebration and brand strategy conference was successfully held in sheraton greater China hotel. The event was fully prepared by "wanhui culture", which not only meticulously planned the process, but also precisely controlled the site construction and beautifully arranged.

Hongqiao education was formally presented as the upgraded brand of shenzhen huazhang education group. President zhou hongqiao of hongqiao education, several heavyweight academic masters, principals of investment institutions, leaders and teachers from more than 30 business schools, and a total of 600 people witnessed the comprehensive upgrading layout of the brand.

Professor wu sizong, party secretary of the school of economics and management of tongji university, delivered the keynote speech of "welcoming the era of AI" on the scene. From mechanical thinking to big data thinking, from causal analysis to correlation analysis, he brought a brainstorming and fierce thinking collision for the guests on the scene!

"Hongqiao education" launching ceremony

"Wanhui culture" planned, designed and implemented the whole conference based on customer needs, actively communicated and highly cooperated, and finally successfully held and completed the activity.

Wanhui culture is committed to becoming the best high-end conference service brand in the greater bay area of guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. We have the integrity of the professional ethics, the pursuit of creativity, through professional implementation to provide better services for customers, customers rely on the trust of the partners!

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